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Weight changes, pregnancy, skin surplus, or the loss of skin elasticity are all issues that the majority of people face at one time or another. However, several surgeries are now available to help you regain confidence in yourself. Dr. Brassard and Dr. Bélanger will answer your questions and advise you to help you achieve your goals.

Tummy tuck
Repeated pregnancies and significant weight variations are the most common reasons for stretching of the abdominal...
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Thigh lift
Liposuction removes excess fat but it does not remove excess skin. For this reason, a thigh lift is performed...
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Belt lipectomy
Cosmetic body surgery is indicated for all people with an excess of skin. Following significant weight loss...
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Arm lift
Excess skin that has lost its elasticity is often considered a cosmetic defect. Sagging skin can occur with age or following...
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Reduction of the vagina’s inner lips (Labia Minora) through plastic surgery is so rare that no medical organization...
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If the hymen is broken following an injury to the vulval vestibule of the female genitals, reconstruction is possible...
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