Reduction of the vagina’s inner lips (Labia Minora) through plastic surgery is so rare that no medical organization has a specific position on the subject. However, more and more women who have undergone this surgery admit they were not aware this option existed while going all their lives feeling self-conscious.


The operation

This surgery involves trimming excess skin around the inner lips. Skin around the clitoris is not removed so as to not cause a loss of sensitivity. While in the lithotomy position, drawings will be made to estimate the surplus that should be corrected. The procedure takes less than an hour under local anesthesia. A light sedative may be administered as needed.

Risks are very small and include infection or bleeding. A tiny needle is used to freeze the treatment area. There is no pain during the procedure and two rows of dissolving sutures will close the wound.

Postoperative care

This procedure is more uncomfortable than painful. Discomfort is related to edema or swelling of the inner lips during the three days following surgery. The pain is relieved by codeine during the first days and with Tylenol® thereafter. We recommend simply taking a sitz bath or rinsing the operated area under the shower after using the toilet. You must also apply an antibiotic ointment during the first few days. The sutures will dissolve around the fifteenth day. 

When can I resume sexual activity?

As soon as the healing process is complete; within three to four weeks following surgery.