Tummy tuck

Repeated pregnancies and significant weight variations are the most common reasons for stretching of the abdominal wall structures. Deep elastic fibers can tear and produce stretch marks. The loose skin and sagging muscles of the abdominal wall give the stomach a protruding appearance. Unfortunately, diet and exercise cannot firm up the flesh or get rid of skin folds, nor can they make the stomach flat.

This surgery involves removing excess skin and fat in the middle or lower portion of the abdomen. It allows loose skin to be removed, tightens abdominal muscles, and “rejuvenates” the abdomen. By reducing skin folds and excising scars and stretch marks that have formed around the lower abdomen, it is possible to improve the abdomen’s appearance and profile.

The operation

Depending on the extent of the procedure, surgery takes between two and three hours. An incision is made from one hip to the other. Another incision is made to free the navel. We can then strengthen muscles weakened by stretching from pregnancies and remove excess skin.

A mini tummy tuck or partial abdominoplasty, as well as liposuction, take between one and two hours. With a mini tummy tuck, the incision is much smaller and there is no umbilical incision. There are no visible scars associated with liposuction.

The results of surgery are a flatter and thinner abdomen. The resulting scars are permanent but diminish with time and will be hidden in the bikini line.


Consultation is essential to plan the operation. How long will the scar be? Is a concomitant liposuction necessary? Some patients may need liposuction. During your consultation, your surgeon can advise you on which of the procedures is best for you.

Postoperative care

A drain will be affixed for a few days to collect the serous fluid that can accumulate under the skin. Upon removal of the drain, you can take your first shower.

For the first few days, discomfort and pain will be controlled with prescription analgesic pain medication. To reduce edema and the accumulation of fluid under the skin, wearing an elastic girdle is essential for the first four weeks.

A certain level of numbness and decreased skin sensitivity may occur in the lower portion of the abdomen and persist for several months.

The time it takes to return to normal activities varies from one patient to another. Generally, it takes about two to four weeks to return to work. If you are physically fit or if you only undergo a liposuction, your recovery will be faster. You will be delighted with your new figure.