Breast lift

Breast ptosis is defined by a sagging of the breast; that is to say when the breasts are too low and empty in the upper region. Ptosis may exist or occur immediately after significant weight loss. It is generally following pregnancy that breast volume decreases and ptosis appears. It can be isolated or associated with hypertrophy or a mammary hypoplasia which will also be corrected at the same time during your surgery. Building chest muscles has no influence on breast sagging and the only current solution is surgery.


A breast lift reshapes the breasts without reducing volume. This surgery allows for the restoration of curves and support to breasts altered by time, pregnancy, or weight loss. It also reduces the size of the areola.

In return, one must accept having scars on the lower parts of the breasts. They will be located around and below the nipple and, if necessary, in the lower crease of the breast. In fact, the length and number of scars depend upon the amount of skin that must be removed.

The operation

A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia, except in cases of minor ptosis where local anesthesia can be used. The procedure takes an average of ninety minutes to perform. A bra adapted to your new breasts is put in place at the end of the operation.

The scar is shaped like a boat anchor or an inverted T, and a scar is made around the areola. Variations exist, however, depending on the extent of ptosis correction. A single periareolar scar is sometimes possible. A breast implant can be inserted at the time of surgery if the breasts lack volume or if one wishes to give a more shapely curve back to the breasts. A breast reduction can be performed simultaneously if one wishes to reduce the volume of the breasts.

Postoperative care

The position and shape of the breasts will only be final a few months after surgery. As with all surgeries, the scars will not have their definitive appearance before a year’s time. There is very little pain, no drain, no pressure dressing, and no sutures to remove.

Resumption of activities is quick: one to two weeks. The bra must be worn day and night for the month that follows your surgery. Strength training should be avoided for six weeks after surgery. Sporting activities can be resumed after a month, except for sports requiring significant physical effort like tennis, running, climbing, etc. These types of sports can be resumed after three months.

Superficial bruising usually disappears after two to three weeks. Temporary numbness of the nipples can sometimes take a few months to disappear.